Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Slipfence Traditional Fence system?

We called this system Traditional because SLIPFENCE Aluminum posts are still used, but instead of using the SLipfence Aluminum Stringers you would use regular 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 wood rails.

The SLIPFENCE Traditional Bracket Kit that are sold two per pack, and are to be attached to the SLIPFENCE aluminum posts with the Stainless Self Drilling Screws included in the bracket pack. 

Once the brackets are attached to the Aluminum posts, you simply slip in a Regular 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 treated or Cedar piece of lumber to create a top and bottom rail to screw or nail the fence boards to. If building a taller than 6 foot high fence or simply to add stability to your fence in a windy area, an additional rail or two can be installed for the middle of the fence panel by simply purchasing one extra Traditional Bracket kit and one more wood rail per fence section.

After 12-15 years if the wood in your fence starts to look weathered or worn and you would like to replace your fence all you do is simply remove the fence boards closest to the posts that are covering the brackets, and unscrew the wood rails from the brackets and lift off the whole panel in one piece leaving the posts and the brackets to be used on your new fence.  Then you can start re-building your fence but the first step is installing the top and bottom wood rails. There is no need to remove and replace your aluminum posts.  Prior to rebuilding your Traditional fence you may wish to re-paint or touch up some of the Aluminum posts and brackets prior to inserting  the wood for a complete new fence.

What is the purpose of the Traditional Slipfence?

This Traditional SLIPFENCE system was developed to still have the same strength, durability, and  ease of set up and replacement as the other Slipfence systemsbut a lesser cost by using wood as the rails instead of aluminum.

Once you have the top and bottom wood rails affixed to the posts with the Slipfence Traditional Brackets, you can then build what we consider a traditional fence ie board to board, board on board (overlapping fully private, and also Shadowbox.

In 10-15 years when the wood has been weathered and may replacing, you simply unscrew the rails from the brackets, lift off the complete panel and dispose of the panel in one piece.  Then start with new 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 rails and start the fence build again. the brackets and posts stay.

The POSTS which are the backbone of your fence and also the hardest to remove and reset, stay in the ground, they should not need replacing.

How high can I make a traditional fence?

A Traditional fence can be constructed up to 8 feet high. Keep in mind Fence boards typically come cut from the mill at standards lengths of 5', 6', and 8'

To construct and 8 foot high fence you will need to purchase the 12' long Slipfence Posts because an 8 foot high fence needs to be secured at least 4' into the ground with concrete for stability.

Although only 2 rails are needed for an average 6 foot high fence, 3 rails per section are recommended for an 8 foot high fence to provide stability in the fence panel. So for each 8 foot high panel you need to purchase 3 Traditional Bracket kits as each kit packs 2 brackets per kit.

How wide to I set the posts for a traditional fence?

8 foot centres or 8 foot between posts in recommended so that standard 8 foot long lumber either 2x4 or 2x6  can be used with very little cutting and almost no waste.

Also if it is a traditional Shadowbox style fence you are building, you can use the Slipfence Cap rail to top off the fence panel and give it a very nice finished look. The top cap rails are pre-cut 92.5" long.


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