You CAN Have the Best of Both Worlds

For far too long, people who wanted a fence in their yards or protecting their commercial buildings had to choose between aesthetics and functionality, otherwise known as the age-old “form vs. function” debate. The only “vertical fence panels” available were either part of a metal fence or one made of wood, and those who tried to combine the two often faced large expenses and delays in building such a structure.

Slipfence is here to offer you what can truly be described as the best of both worlds when it comes to your fencing. You can buy vertical fence panels online direct from us, and our vertical fence panels will provide you with the look you want that simply cannot be captured with anything other than attractive wood. Synthetic wood, stained metal and the like can be nice, but a vertical slatted fence should look like something that took thought and planning, and that’s difficult with metal.

However, our vertical fence panels won’t have you worried every winter or spring about how they’re going to hold up. You can have a beautiful wood privacy fence that’s durable against the elements for years to come. Even if you ever encounter a need to buy vertical fence panels online, we’ll have the replacement units for you, ready to go and shipped to your door as soon as you hit the “submit” button.

Go ahead and achieve both the look and the security that you want by purchasing vertical fence panels from Slipfence, the leader in fencing durability and style.


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