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Different examples of Gate Kits

The Slipfence Gate Kit was specifically designed to provide all of the necessary Hardware to construct a beautiful gate right on site to match either the Slipfence Vertical or Horizontal fence systems.Included in the Gate Kit:

  • 6 L-Brackets with gusset - 4 that get fastened on the inside of the 2x4 wood gate frame and 2 that are fastened to the outside of the frame on the hinge side of the frame for added stability and square retention.
  • 2 self closing Hinges - adjustable to different tensions and self drill onto the corner of the gate post. 
  • 1 Thumb Latch - can be adjusted to either one way, or both way entry, lockable and pad lockable if necessary.
  • 2 Rubber Straps - these are to emulate the stringers on the Vertical Slipfence and and channels on the Horizontal Slipfence so that the Gate matches both systems perfectly without adding any unnecessary weight or cost. 
  • 1 Pack of 100 wood screws - these will fasten the rubber straps whether for vertical or Horizontal system to the boards on the gate as a finishing touch. 


  • All that is required to complete a gate from the components included in the Slipfence Gate kit is wood.
  • The Gate kit includes self closing hinges and when adjusted properly, the finished gate should close itself and when it does meets most pool fence safety codes in most regions.
  • Four 2 x 4’s are required to create your gate frame.
  • For a Vertical gate approximately 3 fence boards are required per foot wide to match the slipfence Vertical Fence line.
  • For a Horizontal gate, the same number of boards used to create the height of the fence are used for the gate so the heights match.
  • It is best to create the 2 x 4 frame for the gate on a flat even surface so the finished gate is straight and square.
These gates are hallmark of the Slipfence System. Enjoy some out of our other products!