About Tahoe Slipfence

SLIPFENCE was specifically designed and developed by Canadian Entrepreneur Tom Rosicki as a solution to the drawbacks, and failures of all-wood residential fencing. The critical differentiating factor in the SLIPFENCE design was to provide homeowners with a solid, sturdy, long lasting, non-twisting, non-rotting, non-leaning, nor shrinking, aluminum framed fence with ample privacy from neighbouring properties.
Slipfence has the look and feel of a warm, natural, wooden fence, but the framework including posts, stringers, channels, and rails are all constructed of 100% powder coated aluminum providing a fence that not only lasts a lifetime, but also stays true and plumb for the life of the fence.

Slipfence was designed by a regular homeowner just like you who wanted to Build a Better Fence and was engineered by a top USA Engineering firm to provide years of safety and stability. One of the critical criteria when designing the Slipfence was simplicity of installation, so homeowners can install it themselves, or installers can construct it quickly and efficiently. We do however recommend having the posts set by a professional to ensure security of the posts into concrete, but after that is complete, it is truly quite simple to install.

Nearly all the components of the Slipfence were not only designed and engineered here in North America by a Canadian, but also made in North America.

Aluminum is a natural resource of North America and as such, it keeps the revenue sharing here at home.

Slipfence being constructed from 100% Aluminum is recyclable and sustainable. The aluminum posts, stringers, channels, rails, and brackets if damaged, can be removed from the fence and re-melted down to is raw form and potentially re-formed and re-used.

We guarantee the stability and endurance of your Tahoe Slipfence for a period of 25 years, (please read Warranty information on website).

Thank you for taking the time to research Slipfence by Tahoe Products Group Inc., and if you choose to install the greatest fence in the world, we hope you will love it like we do. 

And don’t forget, we are here to help every step of the way so please don’t hesitate to call us at the toll-free number to ask any questions you may have either before, during, or after your Slipfence installation process.
We only do one thing… and we’re good at it.
Tom Rosicki / MBA
President, CEO, Tahoe Products Group Inc. Creator Slipfence

Other interesting information about Tahoe Slipfence:

Did you know that when the Fence boards of an older Tahoe Slipfence project have weathered, they can easily be slipped out and new ones slipped in resulting in a brand-new looking fence without the need for a professional to remove old fence posts or concrete?

Did you know that you can order the Tahoe Slipfence components directly on this website and we will ship a kit with all the posts, stringers, channels, brackets, nuts, bolts, screws, caps, and assembly instructions directly to your job site providing there is a minimum of 4 sections purchased. Then all you need to do is purchase the fence boards from your local lumber yard for new fresh boards for your Slipfence.
If you are tackling the build of your Slipfence yourself, we encourage it. However, we do recommend that you have a professional set your posts. 
Slipfence is distributed from Toronto Canada for Canadian orders and currently Buffalo NY to fulfill all USA orders.

Please call us toll free with any questions, we are here to help.


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