I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to Tom, Leah, Sheila and all support staff that worked so hard to ship materials to my jobsite in rural Alberta. Slipfence is a business with the absolute highest standards of customer service and quality products. It was a pleasure to deal with every one these people - had to go "above and beyond" to see this job through to completion. I decided to use top rail to clad a wooden gate - which looks fantastic - but this did create a shortage of materials. I also ran short of screws and Slipfence was there when we needed them. We had a difficult install due to property line issues. However, once the line posts were installed - the horizontal boards installed in no time. A very convenient system that looks absolutely beautiful. My advice for anyone considering Slipfence is to look no further. This is the best product available and the cost of materials is reasonable. Buy the top rail to improve the overall look. Buy the gate kit and hinges to make this construction easier. Everything you purchase will be of the highest quality and the service will be excellent! Thank you Tom for being the great guy you are! Slipfence truly cares about their customers and they provide one of the best looking fences you can find. FYI...I have a layer of impenetrable clay 2 feet down. I found a reasonably priced hydrovac truck to dig 13 holes in 3 hours time. I will never dig another hole by hand and I will never install another fence - unless it's a Slipfence! What an excellent product.
Bob Cameron, Drumheller, AB
Their customer service is top notch and ensured I got my delivery at the exact time I needed it. I was on a tight schedule trying to get a fence up at a new house before winter. High regards for everyone I worked with. The quality is also top notch. I wasn’t expecting the thick metal posts since you usually see those cheap aluminum ones. My only complaint is the self-tapping screws were hard to get in the quality was so good. I found it easier to pre-drill the holes first. Not a bad problem to have though. Worth the price, the fence looks awesome!
Bryan LaTraverse, North Hampton NH
Purchased the slip fence horizontal system from Home Depot for a 63’ fence in a high wind area. The fence system allowed us to use a metal but to set custom hole entry points to create a one of a kind look that will last the test of time.
Kevin Bohrer, Trabuco Canyon CA
I just wanted you to know I received our order this evenings from FedEx. Everything arrived in perfect condition and I look forward to their installation to complete what is turning out to be a beautiful fence. The cap rail really makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of the fence, I could not be happier with the look of our new Slipfence. Again I want to thank you for your efforts in assisting with the completion of my order. You have represented your company in a positive light with your attention to customer service which has not gone unnoticed. Please forward this email to Tom Rosicki as I want you to get credit for a job well done and to thank him for creating a wonderful product. Best wishes.
Steve M., Tulsa OK
Contractor installed fence we enjoy it visually everyday. both for the privacy afforded and the appearance. I had been looking for a fence for several years. however, I could not find one, then i saw this fence installed on one of the holmes episodes and i knew i had found it.
Virginia W. Fraboni, Montour Falls NY
Tom is a great guy and the fence is beautiful. People would come and knock on my door to find out where we got it. We had excellent installers and we were extremely happy with the experience and the fence.
Anthony, North York ON


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