The Slipfence Traditional Fence system was specifically designed to provide the strength and endurance of Aluminum with the warmth and beauty of wood.By Combining 3” Square Aluminum Fence posts with regular size 2x4 or 2x6 rails and regular fence boards available at most home improvement centres. Simply attach the Slipfence Rail brackets to the Slipfence aluminum posts with the screws provided and then build a traditional wood panel, either board to board, shadowbox or a combination of the two. The result is a residential yard fence that has the warmth and privacy of a natural wood fence but the framework will not warp, crack, lean, nor rot. If and when the wood fence panels become weathered and requires replacing, the complete panel can easily be unscrewed from the aluminum brackets on the post  removed and dispose of in one panel and either rebuilt with new wood rails and pickets or replaced as a complete prebuilt wood fence panel for a brand new looking fence without having to set new posts in Concrete. For added appeal if a shadowbox style panel was built just attach the Slipfence Aluminum Cap Rail onto the top of the finished panel for a nice, clean, finished, look on the top of your wood fence panels.

  • 8ft. 2 x 4’s or 2 x 6’s are required to create the Horizontal rails and then approximately 24 Fence boards, (pickets), are required to create an 8 foot wide Shadowbox fence panel, 15 pickets for a one sided board to board fully private panel and approximately 30 for a board to boar one side and shadowbox style on the other.
  • If 2 x 4 rails are sagging with the weight of the pickets, 2x6 and even 2 x 8’s can be used as rails.
  • when building an 8 ft high fence, a third rail in the middle is recommended. 
  • Extra Brackets can be purchased in kits of 4.
  • An 8’ high Traditional fence can be create by using one extra Stringer per panel for added strength to carry the added weight of the longer fence boards.
  • A  7’ high Vertical fence panel can be also created using only 2 Stringers and 8’ long fence boards but the centre stabilizing board method explained in the instructions should be used to prevent any stringer sag before cutting down the 8 foot boards to 7 foot height.
These traditional fences make up a large part of the Slipfence system! Slipfence stands by its work and would love to invite you to give it a try.

Why should you give it a try? Because fencing matters for a lot of reasons. It adds value to your property in many situations, it adds an aesthetic quality to your home or business and, perhaps above all else, it adds a measure of safety. A traditional fence is something that a lot of people want, but there are challenges associated with any traditional fence. Examples of these challenges include:

  • Understanding how to build a traditional fence
  • Figuring out how to buy fence panels online
  • Some premade traditional fencing looks anything but traditional
  • Matching products from more than one source is difficult
Slipfence solves all of these problems with our traditional fence offering. You’ll get the best of all worlds involved, including:

  • The classic, inviting look of a traditional fence
  • The security offered by any quality fence
  • The ability to replace the wooden panels when the time comes
  • The pristine, renowned customer service offered by Slipfence
  • The ability to choose your own look for the panels
When you build a traditional fence, you can also avoid the “tradition” of having to replace the entire thing a few years down the road, as wood takes a beating from the elements. You’ll have the foundation provided by Slipfence and the freedom to make simple, secure changes to it whenever you feel it’s time to do so. Go ahead and take a look at more specific information by clicking on any of the links on the left side of this page, and before you know it you’ll have that traditional fence you always wanted.


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