Vertical Stringer Kit OUT OF STOCK

Vertical Stringer Kit OUT OF STOCK

TEMPORALLY OUT OF STOCK Used to create 8ft. wide x 6 ft. high Vertical Shadowbox style fence panels. Wood not included.
Model #SF2-VSK92
$129.99 USD
A minimum order of 6 is required for this item.
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Vertical Stringer kit 92 in. x 3 in. x 1.5 in. Aluminum, powder coated black. 

Pack Includes: 

 2 - Stringers, (Upper and Lower) 92" long with pre-punched holes for 5/8" x 5.5" wood pickets to be slipped in. 

4 - Aluminum Brackets to fasten stringers to posts.

 4 - Stainless steel nuts, (1/2" hex drive) and 4 stainless Carriage bolts 2" to fasten Stringers to Brackets. 

20- Self Drilling Screws to fasted brackets to posts plus 4 extra to fasten Cap Rail SF2-ACR92 if applicable.

This kit does not include posts.  

Slipfence posts must be set at 8' centres from centre of post to centre of the next posts in the fence line.

This system can be racked up to a 25 degree slope up or down. Stepping sections is recommended over racking.

When stepping sections on a steep slope you can use 8' long boards still spaced 1.5" off the ground, slip them in through the board holes, fasten the boards to the stringers with the wood screws provided following the instructions on the video re. screwing boards to stringers and then trim the tops of the boards level and straight resulting in a flat level top of panel with a bottom that wold follow grade.  

Boards to be used can be either 5/8" x 5.5 or 3/4" x 5.75 wide. note: a full 6" board will be too big for the board holes.

For a 6' high fence, this kit is needed plus posts and 24 boards per 8' wide finished fence panel.

For a 7' and 8' high fence use this kit plus an added 2x4" Horizontal rail for the centre to be fastened with the SLIPFENCE Traditional brackets SF2-TBK02 to hide between the shadowbox fence rows for added stability and eliminate stringer sag.

24 Fence Pickets are required per section, and one board needs to be ripped down the centre creating 2 halves per panel.

  • SF2-PK308 8 ft. Post with Cap
  • SF2-PK309 9 ft. Post with Cap
  • SF2-PK310 10 ft. Post with Cap
  • SF2-PK312 12 ft. Post with Cap
  • SF2-VCR93 Cap Rail for top of Vertical Slipfence panel
  • SF2-GK100 Gate Kit
  • SF2-XVBK4 Extra Bracket Kit for Vertical Slipfence
  • TSF-PC001 3 in. x 3 in. Post Cap
  • SF2-TBK02 Aluminum Traditional Bracket to fasten 2 in. x...
  • SF2-PP376 6 ft. Post with base plate
  • SF2-PK410 4"x 4" x 10'4" Post
  • SF2-GRS12 12 ft Vinyl Strips


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