Frequently Asked Questions

How wide can I make the Gate?

The gate can be made as wide as desired but recommended to only 60" wide or less to avoid sagging.  More than 60" is recommended to use two gates. If using 2 gates then a peg should be used on the bottoms of the gates to lock into the ground. Also anything wider than 60" gate should also have a wheel attached to the botto also to prevent gate sag. An Extra hinge can also be used near the top of the gate.

Can I make either a Vertical or Horizontal Gate with this kit?

Yes both gates can be made from this gate kit.

Instructions for both Gate Styles are included in the gate kit.

Is the Gate Safe to be used around a Pool?

This gate kit includes two Hinges that can be adjusted to be self closing so that once the gate has been constructed, if adjusted properly, the gate will close on it's own which is a requirement of most municipalities when constructing a fence surrounding a pool.

What are the rubber straps for in the Gate Kit?

If you are constructing a Vertical style gate the straps are used to emulate the Stringers that show on the outside of the Vertical Slipfence.

If you are constructing a Horizontal style Gate, the straps are used to emulate the Channels that show on the outside edges of the Hosizontal panel.

the straps are not a structural necessity for the gates, they are included for aesthetic continuity only, ie makes your gate look really nice!


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